The Latest News in Our Program

The cow horse, stock horse, and versatility horse industry is constantly changing. Because of this, we keep on top of the latest changes in the industry, accomplishments of our non-pros, and the Colorado cowhorse news. So, read on to learn more about our program and what we are up to. Have a topic you’d like to learn more about and would like to see us write a post about it? Send us an email and let us know!

2020 SDRCHA Road to Texas

September 2-6, 2020 | Rapid City, SD

We had some late nights and great rides in Rapid City, South Dakota at the South Dakota Reined Cowhorse Association’s Road to Texas show over Labor Day weekend. The competition was tough and we are proud of how our horses and non-pros performed. Here are some highlights:

Kelli Buckley and NVR Another Lucky Hit “Chunk” won their first cowhorse buckle by taking the win in the 1K Non Pro Limited. Kelli and One Time Safari “Roy” placed third in the 1K Non Pro Limited in show one and second in the Non Pro Limited and third int he 5K in show two.


Alison Beck Brantley and Metallic Dual “Mac” some great fence runs over the weekend, placing fourth in the tough Non Pro Bridle Spectacular and second in the Novice Non Pro Bridle overall.

Jill Cook & Bet Me Mister “Carter” (owned by Cheryl Swanson) made a nice comeback after some time off placing second in show two in the Open Two Rein.

Thanks to SDRCHA for a great show. See everyone in Montrose!

2020 CRCA Mid-America

August 12-16, 2020 | McCook, NE

Our non-pros continue to make us proud on the road! Here’s how Team Cook ended up week at Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association’s Mid-America in August. Thanks as always to all of our clients and supporters, and to CRCA for working hard to bring us shows in 2020!

Alison Beck Brantley and Metallic Dual “Mac” took first in the Novice Non-Pro Spectacular and Novice Non-Pro Bridle, and second in the Non-Pro Bridle in Show 1, and first in the Select Non-Pro Bridle for both Shows 1 and 2.

Kelli Buckley had a great show on One Time Safari “Roy,” placing fifth in the Non-Pro Limited, first in the 5K and second in the 1K in Show 1, and SWEEPING the Non-Pro Limited, 5K and 1K in Show 2! Kelli and NVR Another Lucky Hit “Chunk” were second in the 5K in Show 1, and fourth in the 5K (tie) and third in the 1K in Show 2.

Michael Tracy and One Smokin Taz “Rango” had a stellar second place performance in Non-Pro Limited Spectacular as well as another second in the Non-Pro Limited and first in the Non-Pro Limited Select in Show 1. 

2020 Slidin' Daze Summer Spectacular

August 1-2, 2020 | Estes Park, CO

We are proud of our diverse group of non-pro riders who traverse both NRCHA sanctioned cow horse as well as stock horse and ranch horse versatility events. Our stock horse competitors – many showing their horses for the first time – performed great for the second show of the week in Estes Park in August. We couldn’t be more proud of these horses and riders!

Alison Beck Brantley showed all three of her talented geldings all weekend walking away winning the AQHA Amateur VRH All-Around with “Wiley.”

After only a little over a month together, Michelle Conkey Sajban and “Xena” made their show pen debut and took first in the NP Limited SH Ranch Riding.

Delaney Helgans and “Sis” had a great first show together and won the Youth Novice SH Reining and taking the Novice Youth Stock Horse All-Around.

Diana Duncan showed her talented 3-year-old filly “Tommie” nailing down some great patterns and clean maneuvers in Open Novice Horse SH events.

Val Taylor and “Jordy” nailed their stops in the Novice Reining and had some really pretty maneuvers in the Novice Trail.

Josie Bunch and “Bobby” finally got to show and tied for first in the Novice SH Reining.

2020 CRCA Mountain High

July 30 - August 1, 2020 | Estes Park, CO

Our CRCA competitors really made a dent in things in Estes Park, Colorado the first weekend of August. Thanks to Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association for a making it possible, and putting on a great show! 

Jim debuted his filly Little Nana Rey “Aileen” winning a nice check in the 4-Year-Old Incentive Open.

Alison Beck Brantley took both her geldings down the fence placing 3rd in the Non-Pro on Wired On Pepto “Lester” in show 1 and winning the Non-Pro Two Rein for the weekend on Metallic Dual “Mac” for the weekend.

Kelli Buckley had another stellar show sweeping the Non-Pro Limited, 5K and 1K on NVR Another Lucky Hit “Chunk” in show 1, tying herself for 2nd in the NPL and 5K, and placed first in the 1K in show 2. Kelli and One Time Safari “Roy” tied Chunk for 2nd in the NPL and 5K in show 2. 

Michael Tracy and One Smokin Taz “Rango” took a 3rd in the Non-Pro Limited and 1st in the NPL Select in show 1.

2020 CRCA Sagebrush

June 30 - July 5, 2020 | Douglas, WY

That’s a wrap, Sagebrush! We’re missing a few photos, but wanted to give our team a shout out for a great horse show. A BIG  thank you to ALL of our clients for your hard work and support!

Jim Cook and Little Eddie Moon, “Eddie”, took 4th in the Open Spectacular and 1st in the Novice Bridle Horse in horse show #1. 

Loralee Ward had a stellar first CRCA show on Smart Lookin CD, “Lookin”… sweeping the Youth Non-Pro Limited and taking 1st in the Pro-Am and 2nd in the 1K Limited Non-Pro in horse show #1. 

Kelli Buckley took 1st in the 1K Non-Pro Limited in on NVR Another Lucky Hit, “Chunk”, in horse show #1 and on One Time Safari, “Roy”, in horse show #2. Kelli and Chunk also swept the 5K Limited Non-Pro for the weekend and she took 2nd in horse show #2 with Roy. 

Michael Tracy and One Smokin Taz, “Rango”, placed 3rd and 1st in the Non-Pro Limited in horse show #1 and #2 respectively, 1st in the Select Non-Pro Limited, and 4th in the Select Non-Pro Limited Spectacular. 

Alison Beck Brantley and Metallic Dual, “Mac”, were top 10 in the tough Non-Pro Limited Spectacular and Non-Pro Limited, as well as 4th in the Select Non-Pro Limited in show one.

Josie Kness Bunch made her CRCA debut showing Little Eddie Moon, “Eddie”, in the 1K Non-Pro Limited, placing 4th in horse show #2. 

A special thank you to Val Taylor and Rhonda J Kness for being great supporters and helpers, as well as to the Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association for putting on a great show!

2019 CRCA Fall Finale

September 21, 2019 | Montrose, CO

This year, the Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association held their Fall Finale and Futurity show for the first time in Montrose, CO. This beautiful setting allowed for not only a fun show, but set the stage for a great end to the 2019 show season for Jim and Jill’s non-pros

Michael Tracy competed in the 5K non-pro limited class aboard his horse One Smokin Taz, clinching a 3rd place win with a 68.5 on the rein work and a smoking 73 on the cow work. These scores also gave Mike a 5th place win in the non-pro limited class and 1st place in the select non-pro limited class!

Alison Brantley dominated the Non-pro Limited Derby and the Select Non-Pro Limited Derby by securing both first and second place in both classes with her horses Wired on Pepto and Metallic Dual.

Jim also successfully piloted his horse Attractions First CD to a 3rd place win in the Intermediate Open Bridle. These same scores secured Jim a 5th place win in the Open Bridle as well. 

Jill won 4th place in the Open Bridle on A Remedy For Sue, owned by Dawn Ciciulla. 

Overall, it was a successful and fun show, rounding out the 2019 CRCA season with a bang!

Jim Cook in the Herd - Photo from Scootemnshootem Photography
Jill Cook and horse "Mario" - Photo by Performance Horse Photography

2019 CRCA Sagebrush

April 25, 2019

The Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association’s Sagebrush show is one of our favorites. Not only is this show during one of the most beautiful times of year in Colorado, but it boast the second highest added money for the annual CRCA shows! This year, Sagebrush was an enormous success for all of Jim and Jill and all of their non-pros.

Jennifer Woodmansee and her horse Chicody Leo had an amazing day in horse show #1, securing 3rd place in the 5K Limited Non-Pro and 4th place in the Limited Non Pro. In horse show #2, the pai laid it down in the Non-Pro Limited, bringing home a first place win with a whopping 293 composite. Not surprisingly, this score was untouchable in the 5K Limited Non-Pro, bringing her home a second win. 

In horse show #1, Mike Tracy and One Smokin Taz snagged a 1st place in the Select Limited Non-Pro, 2nd place in the 5K Non-Pro Limited, and 3rd place in the Non-Pro Limited. During horse show #2, Mike held at the top of the pack, earning himself 2nd in the 5K Limited Non-Pro, 2nd in the Select Non-Pro Limited, and 3rd in the Non-Pro Limited. To top off his show, Mike also won 3rd place in the Non-Pro Limited Spectacular.

Jim had a great show with his horse Little Eddie Moon, placing 3rd in the Intermediate Open Bridle, 3rd in the Open Bridle, and 6th in the Open Bridle Spectacular.

Jill was busy helping manage this show but also was able to school a couple of aged horses in preparation for the next CRCA show. 

2019 CRCA March Madness

March 15, 2019

March Madness always kicks off the Colorado Reined Cowhorse Association’s season. It’s a great show to set your show season up for success and test how far you and your horse have come over a winter of training. 

Jim started his show season off with horse Little Eddie Moon, placing 1st in the Novice Bridle Horse, 2nd in the Intermediate Open Bridle, and 3rd in the Open Bridle in horse show #1. Jim also schooled several client horses in preparation for the show season.

The show season couldn’t have started off on a better foot for Jill. She and horse Bet Me Mister, owned by Cheryl Swanson, took home the win in the Level One Limited Open Derby. 

During horse show #1, Jennifer Woodmansee and Chicody placed 4th in both the 5K Limited Non-Pro class and the Non-Pro Limited class. But in horse show #2, Jennifer really flexed her muscles and rounded up a 2nd place tie in both the 5K Limited Non-Pro and the Limited Non-Pro classes. 

Mike Tracy, set the pace for the year with a 1st place in the Select Limited Non-Pro, 2nd place tie in the Limited Non-Pro, and a 2nd place tie in the 5K Limited Non-Pro in horse show #1. During horse show #2, Mike maintained his success with a 1st in the 5K Limited Non-Pro, 1st in the Limited Non-Pro, and 1st in the Select Limited Non-Pro! Mike rounded out his outstanding weekend with a 2nd place win in the Limited Non-Pro Spectacular. 

Mike non pro working cow with Colorado cowhorse trainers
Mike Tracy and One Smokin Taz - Photo by Performance Horse Photography
Jennifer Woodmansee on her victory lap with "Chicody" - Image Courtesy of AQHA Journal

2019 Celebration of Champions

February 30, 2019

Every year, 20 riders from each division in each of the country’s NRCHA affiliates are invited to compete in at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions. This year, not only did Jill compete in the Open Bridle Division, three of Jim and Jill’s clients qualified and competed as well. 

Mike Tracy competed in both the 5K non-pro limited division and the non-pro limited. Mike made the non-pro limited finals with a smoking 140.5 in the rein and 143 on the cow. In the finals, Mike clenched 10th place with a more than respectable 412 composite. 

Allison Brantley also was at the top of the pack in both the non-pro limited and select non-pro limited classes aboard her horse Metallic Dual, making the finals in both with a 143 on the rein and 143 on the cow. Allison put together a great run in the non-pro limited finals to secure 7th place. And amazingly, she also successfully piloted two horses in the Tres Osos Derby Non-Pro Limited Division to a 4th and 7th place. 

Jennifer Woodmansee  and her horse Chicody Leo stole the show by not only making the finals in the non-pro limited division but making the 1K non-pro limited division finals as high call back. She was successful in both finals, placing 8th in the limited non-pro with a 418.5 composite. In the 1K limited non-pro, Jennifer dominated with a 424.5 composite to secure herself not just the 1K non-pro championship but also the national 1K year end high point award… all in her first year of showing cowhorse!

Jill had a killer run in the Tres Osos Derby Limited Open division on Bet Me Mister, owned by Cheryl Swanson. Jill won the composite with a 636.5.9